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Similar track segment based on trackID

GET /v0/tracks/:trackId/similar-sections

The similar segments endpoint allows developers to use part of a track as a reference to search for music segments in the Epidemic Sound catalog that sound similar.

The feature utilizes the Epidemic Audio Reference (EAR) technology to provide users with the ability to quickly find alternative segments of music.

Usage Scenarios:

  • Video Editing Templates: Replace default tracks in video templates with segments that fit better.
  • Quick Swaps: Swap out a segment of music in a video where the existing track doesn't quite match.
  • Creative Iteration: Easily experiment with different music segments to enhance your video's impact.
Path Parameters
  • trackId string required

    Track id

Query Parameters
  • start int32 required

    Start of the section in milliseconds

  • end int32 required

    End of the section in milliseconds

  • offset int32

    Index of the entry track in the response

  • limit int32

    Max number of entries returned in the response, default 50 and max 100


Paginated list of similar tracks

  • trackSections object[] required
  • Array [
  • track object required
  • id string required

    Unique ID of the track

  • mainArtists string[] required

    The main artist that created the track.

  • featuredArtists string[] required

    Additional artists that contributed to the track.

  • title string required

    Title of the track

  • bpm int32 required

    Beats per minute for the track.

  • length int32 required

    Track length in seconds

  • moods object[] required

    Lists the moods of the track.

  • Array [
  • id string required

    Unique ID of the mood

  • name string required

    Name of the mood

  • ]
  • genres object[] required

    Lists the genres of the track.

  • Array [
  • id string required
  • name string required
  • parent object
  • id string required

    Unique ID of the parent genre

  • name string required

    Name of the parent genre

  • ]
  • images object
  • default string nullable
  • L string nullable
  • M string nullable
  • S string nullable
  • XS string nullable
  • waveformUrl string required

    Reference to the waveform as a json object.

  • hasVocals boolean nullable

    Set to true if the track has vocals. Set to false for instrumental tracks.

  • added string required

    The date the track was released in the format YYYY-mm-dd.

  • tierOption string nullable

    Possible values: [PAID, FREE]

  • isExplicit boolean nullable
  • isPreviewOnly boolean
  • start int32 required
  • end int32 required
  • ]
  • pagination object required
  • page int32 required
  • limit int32 required
  • offset int32
  • links object required
  • next string nullable
  • prev string nullable