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Recommend section of a track

GET /v0/tracks/:trackId/highlights

Powered by our 2 billion daily streams on YouTube, the highlights endpoint uses machine learning to recommend the best time section.

You can use highlights to start playing the track from the right millisecond, or recommend the right part of the track for shorter content.

The highlights endpoint provides start and stop timestamps in milliseconds. The default duration is 30 seconds.

The endpoint accepts up to 5 different durations per request where each duration must be at least 5 seconds and at most 60 seconds.

Path Parameters
  • trackId string required

    Track id

Query Parameters
  • duration int32[]

    The highlight duration in seconds


List of highlighted sections for the track. The times are given in milliseconds. If there is no available highlight, a fallback to the first section of the track is returned.

  • highlights object[] required
  • Array [
  • from int32 required
  • to int32 required
  • duration int32 required
  • ]