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Similar track segment based on audio file

GET /v0/tracks/similar-sections

Returns a list of track sections that are matched to the provided audio file id.

Query Parameters
  • audioUploadId uuid required

    Reference to the uploaded audio file

  • start int32 required

    Start of the section in milliseconds

  • end int32 required

    End of the section in milliseconds

  • offset int32

    Index of the entry track in the response

  • limit int32

    Max number of entries returned in the response, default 50 and max 100


Paginated list of similar tracks

  • trackSections object[] required
  • Array [
  • track object required
  • id string required

    Unique ID of the track

  • mainArtists string[] required

    The main artist that created the track.

  • featuredArtists string[] required

    Additional artists that contributed to the track.

  • title string required

    Title of the track

  • bpm int32 required

    Beats per minute for the track.

  • length int32 required

    Track length in seconds

  • moods object[] required

    Lists the moods of the track.

  • Array [
  • id string required

    Unique ID of the mood

  • name string required

    Name of the mood

  • ]
  • genres object[] required

    Lists the genres of the track.

  • Array [
  • id string required
  • name string required
  • parent object
  • id string required

    Unique ID of the parent genre

  • name string required

    Name of the parent genre

  • ]
  • images object
  • default string nullable
  • L string nullable
  • M string nullable
  • S string nullable
  • XS string nullable
  • waveformUrl string required

    Reference to the waveform as a json object.

  • hasVocals boolean nullable

    Set to true if the track has vocals. Set to false for instrumental tracks.

  • added string required

    The date the track was released in the format YYYY-mm-dd.

  • tierOption string nullable

    Possible values: [PAID, FREE]

  • isExplicit boolean nullable
  • isPreviewOnly boolean
  • start int32 required
  • end int32 required
  • ]
  • pagination object required
  • page int32 required
  • limit int32 required
  • offset int32
  • links object required
  • next string nullable
  • prev string nullable