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Get a list of all sound effects categories

GET /v0/sound-effects/categories

The sound effects categories endpoint allows you to get a list of all sound effects categories.

You can then browse the sound effects catalog based on categories like "Applause" or "Crowds".

Some sound effect categories have cover art that you can use in your interface. You can choose to display all categories, or choose type “featured” to only show the categories that are chosen by our curation team.

Query Parameters
  • type string

    Possible values: [all, featured]

    Default value: all

    Category type

  • sort string

    Possible values: [title, relevance]

    Default value: title

    Sorting options

  • offset int32

    Index of the entry track in the response

  • limit int32

    Max number of entries returned in the response, default 50 and max 100


Sound effects category list with related parent category. You can see the parent-child relationship in the response.

  • categories object[] required
  • Array [
  • id uuid required
  • name string required
  • numTracks int32 required
  • images object
  • default string nullable
  • L string nullable
  • M string nullable
  • S string nullable
  • XS string nullable
  • parent object
  • id uuid required
  • name string required
  • ]
  • pagination object required
  • page int32 required
  • limit int32 required
  • offset int32
  • links object required
  • next string nullable
  • prev string nullable